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Brandon Romanek

Chief Executive Officer

The world is being re-born before our very eyes, and Blockchain is the genesis of the new way individuals will interact commercially. From the industrial revolution to the internet, Blockchain represents a transformation propelling the world into future Millenia. Brandon Romanek, CEO of Millennium BlockChain is leading us into that future.

Via Millennium BlockChain, Brandon has one mission: become the epicenter in which capital aggregates to fuel our future economy. There is $75 trillion plus in the capital markets and with respect to Blockchain, it has nowhere to go. Millennium BlockChain aims to be the first and best way investors of all sizes can directly invest in blockchain technology in the capital markets.

Brandon’s background in brokerage firms, hedge funds, institutions, money management, and trading prepared him for the task of building Millennium Blockchain. Beginning in 1999, Brandon has traded with Wedbush & Merrill Lynch & others using portfolio margin. Has traded on many platforms including Real Tick, Sterling, LightSpeed, and Firetip. From 2002-2006, traded CFD’s with the CMC Markets in Toronto. Brandon has a knack for selling short and seeing overvalued markets. From 2008,Brandon is a commodities trader in the precious metals markets. He was a broker dealer in physical metals from 2009-2011. Mostly doing business with Amark (A publicly traded metals broker dealer). Brandon prides himself on trading in and out of thinly traded markets. Given the extreme volatility inherent being successful depends on innate intuition. Brandon over his career has been personally involved in over $1 billion in trading volume/transactions.

Taken together, Brandon’s background can be summed into one essential fact. Brandon can intimately see the flow of capital, see around the corner, and capitalize on volatile markets. Blockchain is as volatile as it gets in today’s market, and with Brandon’s eruditely tailored skill set, investors will feel safe knowing that whether up, down or sideways, Brandon will never be reacting to the markets but setting the stage, and Millennium BlockChain will always be synonymous with Blockchain technology.

Michael Terpin

Chairman of the Advisory Board

In early 2013, Terpin co-founded BitAngels, the world’s first angel network for digital currency startups, which gave birth in 2014 to the successful CoinAgenda series of blockchain investor conferences in North America, Europe/EMEA, Asia and Caribbean/LatAm.

He Co Founded early blockchain incubator bCommerce Labs; the Bitcoin Syndicate on AngelList (with legendary super-angel Gil Penchina), and the Dapps Fund, which was a lead investor in the initial crowdsale for Ethereum, Factom, MaidSafe and Storj.

He currently heads up the ICO investment committee for Alphabit Fund, a $300 million digital currency fund registered in the Caymans, and advises numerous blockchain companies and foundations, including Bancor, ICOBox, Zed Networks, Polymath, and LiveEDU. Terpin has led the PR efforts for more than 150 blockchain companies and foundations, including some of the leading token crowdsales.

Client successes include the launches of Aeternity, Augur, Bancor, Ethereum, Factom, Gnosis, Golem Network, Lisk, MaidSafe, Qtum, and Tether, as well as ongoing campaigns for Bittrex, Counterparty, Dash, Eos, Kraken, NEM, Neo, Storj and Shapeshift.

Cliff Sarkin


Clifford Sarkin a strategic and executive advisor to technology leaders of major blockchain and crypto currency projects. An attorney by training and seasoned tech executive by experience, Mr. Sarkin has deep expertise in emerging technologies, corporate law, transactions, M&A, and start up scaling, as well as private equity and venture capital.

Cliff is currently a Venture Advisor with Distributed Network Advisors, Blockchain Terminal, and Hashgraph, among other projects. Prior to his consulting work, Mr. Sarkin served as legal counsel and business operations executive for three internet start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, and among several notable accomplishments, led VideoSurf’s $80M cash acquisition by Microsoft in 2011. Mr. Sarkin received his JD from Harvard Law School (’05) and his BA from UC Berkeley (’01), and is licensed to practice law in the state of California.

Cory Klippsten


Cory Klippsten is a full-time advisor to technology CEOs, crypto- projects, and venture capitalists. Klippsten has deep expertise and access across technology, corporate and venture, and private equity capital.

He is currently an advisory at with Distributed Network Advisors (, BlockV, and Aurora Labs (IDEX Exchange), among other projects. Klippsten focuses on strategy, financing, partnerships and corporate development, providing significant leverage for company leadership. Since May 2016, Klippsten has advised on more than $150 million of venture capital raises and utility token sales. Klippsten has operated as a co-founder and C-level executive. He has also been involved in strategic consulting, operations, and large client sales at Google, McKinsey, Microsoft and Morgan Stanley. Klippsten has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from the University of Chicago.